Carnations: Everything you need to know about these frilly flowers

Carnations have made a triumphant return and we couldn’t be happier! Use our easy care guide and make sure your next arrangement features these flowers

Carnations: Everything you need to know about these frilly flowers

While many of us associate carnations with bad 1980s tuxedo buttonholes, these delicate flowers are finally back in favour. Their soft, variegated petals make a gorgeous arrangement, and here we’ve paired standard blush-coloured carnations with long strands of amaranthus to contrast the roundness of the blooms. An oasis block holds the flowers in place and different stem lengths were used to create voids in the arrangement, which adds depth and dimension. Amaranthus should last for 5-7 days, while carnations can last for up to 2 weeks in distilled water.

With their distinctive fragrance and huge range of flower varieties, carnations are longtime favourites for ornamental gardens and flower displays. To grow them, choose a sunny spot with plenty of space around plants, good moisture and a little protection from westerly and southerly winds. Add lots of organic matter at planting then sprinkle a mixed fertiliser as they come into bud. Pinching back early-flowering stems will ensure compact, sturdy plants and better blooming. Cut back hard after flowering has finished for repeat blooms.

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