Anemone: Everything you need to know about these trendy flowers

We’re celebrating spring by filling a vase or two with our flower of the month – the delicate Anemone. Here are some quick tips for care and styling


Anemone: Everything you need to know about these trendy flowers

Dark and velvety anemones are beautifully textural flowers. Their straight stems are quite weak, so arrange them in a tall vase or with lots of foliage for support. Style your arrangement with some dark green leaves such as bay leaves and sculptural pieces like tulip magnolia. Anemones last 5-7 days once cut; make sure to change the water daily.

There are several types of anemone but at this time of year it’s Anemone coronaria we see in florist shops everywhere. Like all spring bulbs, this anemone needs to be planted in autumn either in the garden or in outdoor pots.

Make sure to choose a spot with half to a full day of sun and fertile, well-drained soil (the bulbs will rot in boggy soil). Bulbs should be planted to a depth of 7-8cm. Keep soil moist but not soggy while plants are in leaf and flower but drier when dormant. Remember the golden rule for bulbs: after flowering is over leave the foliage to die down naturally.

Words by: Carol Bucknell.

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