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What you should consider if you want to live in a tiny house

Small homes continue to grow in popularity as housing and land costs rise. We look at some helpful pros and cons for you to consider before going small


What you should consider if you want to live in a tiny house

The ‘tiny house’ movement is based around semi-mobile homes built on trailers, with a floor area of 46 square metres or less. While some people build their own tiny homes, it can be a lengthy process, and most prefer to enlist an expert.

Love Shack, based in Whangarei, offers three styles of tiny home. Director Marcel Syron says they are a “great small-home option if you want to have a garden and a sense of community”. His customers range from young first-home buyers to retirees.


  • Homes are semi-permanent so can be moved to another section if required
  • The smallest models, 10 square metres or under, do not need consent as they are classed as a vehicle
  • Less maintenance, savings on bills and insurance
  • Can be placed on any section
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable (small footprint).


  • May be too small for some people, particularly families
  • Lack of storage and multiple rooms
  • Hard to have alone-time indoors
  • You may want something more permanently fixed to a site.


Waste disposal, site and access requirements.


A Love Shack tiny home will cost between $35K and $120K-plus. Costs may be less if you build your own, but you will need to allow for your own labour costs.


Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Fiona Ralph.

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