3 spring colour palettes inspired by The Botanist’s floral designs

Keen to celebrate spring with some special-occasion styling? A florist and a stylist team up to create three colourful looks inspired by seasonal flowers


Style 1

This luxurious statement seating area is inspired by the lush array of pink flowers on offer right now.

+ Brass is a key player here; it warms the room and tones down the pink.
+ Marble surfaces add to the glam factor and break up the colour.
+ When styling a room give each main element space to breathe. Voids and gaps are a great way to do this and are employed in floral arrangements for the same reason.

The floral design on the coffee table comprises apricot stock, Ranunculus ‘Hanoi’, ‘Pearl Avalanche’ rose and pink pieris in an oasis ring. The roses and ranunculus, both structured classic flowers, form the base and provide the overall shape of the arrangement, while the stock and pieris soften the edges and create a cascading effect. The beauty of this ‘wild’ look is that it doesn’t need to be


The marble side table features a modest display you can make at home. We’ve used blush cymbidium orchids and a single, beautiful pink protea.


Style 2

Earthy, desert-inspired hues are complemented by moody florals and fresh greenery in this living space.

+ Matte black works well with these burnt gold hues and anchors the look; avoid gloss.
+ A tan leather couch with Aztec-inspired cushions and rug add texture and warmth.
+ Use flowers that will look lovely dried as well as fresh so your arrangements last.

Hanging branch 
Brown cymbidium orchids, clusters of spray roses, eucalyptus and slipper orchids are cleverly combined in this arrangement. The flowers have been bunched together and attached to a large magnolia branch with cable ties. Florist Eden has grouped the flowers to create a colour-blocking effect but kept some of the branch exposed to retain the ‘wild’ look.


Stems in vases 
To create a simpler version of the rustic branch, display a single variety in each vessel and stand in a group (we chose corokia, bay leaves and slipper orchids). Using greenery instead of flowers in one or two vases freshens the look.


Style 3

Green symbolises peace, balance and harmony, making it an ideal colour for this calming yet spring-fresh dining room.

+ Choose decor that reflects every tone in the flowers; eg the golden browns in the pieris pair with the wooden table and bench.
+ The dark green floor painted in Resene ‘Goblin’ creates a dramatic base, while the Resene ‘Ottoman’ wall colour is calming and versatile.
+ Use a few soft accessories, such as cushions and throws, in natural tones to soften the hard surfaces and add more texture to the room.

A simple white hoop is decorated with white stock, orchids, tulips, pieris, astilbe and ‘Avalanche’ roses. A section of the hoop has been kept bare to make the arrangement more minimal and less festive.


You can achieve this look simply by adding some of the same flowers used in the wreath (we selected ranunculus, pieris, hellebores and astilbe) to a collection of plain white vessels. Varying the heights of the vases is important – this way the arrangements can be enjoyed at different angles and while seated or standing.

Styling by: Catherine Wilkinson. Floral designs by: Eden Kersten. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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