Shelley Ferguson’s 10 reasons why you don’t love your dining room

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Shelley Ferguson looks at 10 reasons why you’re having issues with your dining room and what you can do to create a stylish, functional space 


Shelley Ferguson’s 10 reasons why you don’t love your dining room

Is your dining space feeling tired, neglected or non-existent? Give this integral space some time and attention by planning easy interior updates and you’ll be rewarded with a fun, flexible, hardworking and handsome room.

1. It’s boring

If your dining space is an actual room, painting it is an eye catching option. On-trend colours are greys, neutrals, navy, jewel tones or dusky blues and greens. If your dining space is open plan, you can still paint a feature wall or hang a statement oversized artwork to create a ‘look at me’ focal point.

If your colour confidence is non-existent, stick to a strong neutral palette but play with pattern on chair cushions, curtains, candles and accessories to keep your space from feeling blah. Potted plants with structural leaves in patterned pots are another easy way of introducing colour (and making you feel happier).


2. It doesn’t work for you

If you’re lucky enough to have a dining room, you may as well make it work for you. Buy a buffet, sideboard or cabinet to store all your eating, drinking and accessorizing equipment. Make kids’ dinner less chaotic by devoting one half to children’s table setting stuff, including cleaning products and wipes for a quick tidy.

The other half can stash placemats, dinnerware, cutlery and accessories so you can set an adult-friendly table in minutes. A glass-fronted cabinet filled with glassware is a beautiful addition to the room, and a bar cart will be a hit with a crowd (or just you!). Choose furniture that meets your family’s needs, and is practical for your lifestyle.


3. It’s not very grounded

Is your poor dining table looking a bit lonely in your large open plan space? Ground it with a rug. If your room is very square with lots of linear features, soften the look with a round shape.

Practicality is key when choosing a design – choose easy-clean materials like natural fibres and opt for short cut pile or flat weave to avoid your rug becoming a food trap (sorry shagpile, you’re just not cut out for the job). Size is crucial – ensure you can comfortably push chairs in and out without them tripping on the rug’s edge.

4. It keeps you in the dark

We’re quite demanding on our dining rooms. We want to see what we’re eating, but feel uncomfortable if the light’s too bright. We expect the table to go from…

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Words by: Shelley Ferguson. Photography by: Bauer Media.

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