9 of our favourite pendant lights and how to choose the perfect one

The right pendant can make a bold statement and add interest to a room. We round up some style secrets to help you choose the perfect one


9 of our favourite pendant lights and how to choose the perfect one

Pendant lights are a common stumbling block for home renovators as they can really make or break a room. First, a pendant needs to be the right size for its space. Choosing one that’s too big will overpower the room, but go too small and it will look like an afterthought. I often use cheap rice-paper lights to trial different sizes. Where possible, ask to take the light home on approval to cement your choice.

The next thing to consider is the height to hang it at. It needs to be high enough not to intrude into the room but low enough to blend with the atmosphere of the space. Consider what’s under the light and how it looks from below (you don’t want to look up at a bare bulb).

Lastly, think about the light’s aesthetic. Would the room suit a solid light? Or does a more open design work better? Consider how the light is distributed. Is it omni-directional, semi-directional or directional? How does that work with your space? Most of all, you should love what you choose, so have fun shopping!

Top trends

  • Smoky glass Blown-glass lightshades with smoky tints of grey, black and brown provide a soft light as well as bringing a tactile, handmade quality to a room.
  • Woven textures such as bamboo or rattan, or blond wood, bring a more casual, natural vibe to your space and will suit a coastal home or bach especially well.
  • Burnished metallics are big right now, whether in brass, copper or gold. These luxe textures will supply a bold hit of warmth and help to maximise the light bouncing around a room.
  • Coloured shades in blush tones and matte textures give a soft, feminine feel to a space and particularly suit bedrooms and bathrooms.

Compiled by:
 Catherine Wilkinson.

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