Kitchens: Q&A with Nicola Chan from Blum

Article by Simply You


Kitchen expert, Blum

What are the key components for a truly practical kitchen?
Regardless of cooking style or kitchen size, there are three key features to a truly practical kitchen: workflow, space and motion. Think about your most common tasks in the kitchen and about the items you need to access, then group these items together or in close proximity to one another. Take putting away the dishes as an example. We begin at the sink or dishwasher and then move to the area where we store our crockery and glassware, so it makes sense for this storage space to be within arm’s reach of the dishwasher.


How can we optimise our storage space?
Spend a little more time in the planning phase when designing a new kitchen and visit one of Blum’s showrooms for advice on how to maximise the space you have available. Simple things like using drawers for better visibility of the items within, high-sided drawers for deeper storage, using the full depth of cabinets and lower toe-kicks are all simple ways to yield more space.


How does Blum develop its innovative technology?
We have an entire team dedicated full-time to the research and development of our products, as well as researching the habits, needs and requirements of kitchen users and testing our products to ensure longevity. The results of our research are used to develop products that are tailored to the needs of kitchen users all over the world. We pride ourselves on our innovative solutions and technological advancements in kitchen hardware and hold more than 1,400 patents.

Legrabox is Blum’s latest development. How does it surpass the capabilities of other drawer systems?
Legrabox is a drawer system that has been completely re-engineered and designed to provide a smoother-running action, a higher weight-
loading capacity (up to 70kg), more storage space and a more tactile finish. This new system has already received five international design awards.


Ambia-Line is an addition to this technology, how does it ensure clutter-free storage?
Ambia-Line is the new organisational system developed to be used in combination with Legrabox. It is available in colour-matched steel or wooden décor in a variety of colours. A series of magnetic boxes and compartments in varying sizes with adjustable divisions, mean you can change the configuration of your drawers in a matter of minutes.

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