Kid’s bedroom ideas: Where to find cool bunk beds

When it comes to choosing furniture, a bit of research and creative thinking goes a long way. Alex Fulton shares her tips for finding stylish bunk beds that will stand the test of time


Kid’s bedroom ideas: Where to find cool bunk beds

Like any furniture, you tend to get what you pay for and beds aren’t cheap, especially well-made ones. I have picked out some awesome models for kids’ rooms that I know stand the test of time and look good, which is what we want.

An alternative to purchasing new would be to buy a secondhand bed and breathe life into it with a new mattress and fresh coat of paint. Depending on the cost, getting secondhand bunk beds professionally sprayed in a two-pot lacquer is a great option and you also get to choose a colour that will suit the space.


Here are a few other considerations for bunks 

  • Ensure they meet New Zealand safety standards.
  • Think about the size difference between single and king single (which is actually a double).
  • Consider the cost versus the amount of use you will get out of bunks – is there a younger sibling or family member to pass them down to when they are outgrown?
  • Find a style that suits your budget, aesthetic and function.


For something new try the following 

  1. Dream Cloud loft bed, AU$1595 plus shipping, from
  2. Saturn bunk bed, $1289, from Windmill Kids Furniture.
  3. Bunkboy bunk, $3490, from Meluka.


Words by: Alex Fulton. Photography by: Maree Homer/

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