Kid’s bedroom ideas: A dramatic monochrome room perfect for your teen

This moody, monochrome palette with red accents is a strong bedroom scheme that will grow with your teen. Here’s how to style and shop the look


Kid’s bedroom ideas: A dramatic monochrome room perfect for your teen

If you aren’t sure where to start when designing your child’s room and feel overwhelmed by the choices on offer, start by having a chat with them about the colours they like or a theme they might want to include. Keep storage in mind and think about a scheme that could see them through to their teenage years.

It helps to choose one item as a foundation piece. This could be a cushion, rug, art print or duvet cover. Then it’s just a matter of pulling furniture and furnishings together that work with that item.


Top styling tips

  • If the classic Ralph Lauren colours of red, white and navy are not quite your thing but you’re looking for a strong, timeless bedroom scheme for your teen that will grow with them, this colour palette of moody grey, white and red is a real winner.
  • With a simple, clean-cut, ulpholstered headboard and relaxed bedding this room has many classic elements plus a few modern urban touches thrown in. Having a place to hang items such as headphones and hats is essential and will make grabbing things at the last minute easy (if they hang them on the hooks in the first place, that is!).
  • A reading light is another must-have, but it doesn’t need to be a table lamp. A hanging light will do the trick and can free up space on the bedside table. To assist with tidiness, a storage hamper for dirty clothes won’t go amiss and a small rug by the bed will keep feet warm in the cooler months. A large, tough-wearing, denim floor cushion is a great addition and can be used for chilling out on when mates come over.
  • If you get the basic design right, accessories, bedding and framed prints can be changed out over time to reflect your child’s age, interests and personality.

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Created and styled by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick and Melanie Jenkins.

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