14 interior trends from the nineties that we still love

Article by Homes to Love

From the famed feature wall to the shiny leather couch, there are some trends that come and go… and then come back around again. Here are some of our fave nineties-style decor trends that still light our fire

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1 Blackboard walls

Some interior designers say the blackboard wall should be avoided at all costs, especially those housing twee affirmations or shopping lists. But one look at this gorgeous example and you’ll be unconvinced at this advice.

2 Wicker baskets

These have been updated for today with paint-dipped effects and lighter, whitewashed shades.

3 Crochet

Yes this might be a retro relic but when re-purposed into a feature wall it works a decor treat.

4 Distressed furniture

Shabby chic was a huge interior trend and this one has come back around in the form of more subtle distressed wooden furniture. Far from being gauche, it adds a nice textural/visual element to a space.

5 The feature wall

Oh, the famed feature wall. There was a time when bedrooms across the country featured one burgundy wall. We’ve come a long way since then… so far in fact that we love the feature wall once more.

6 Jute rugs

Thanks to companies like Armadillo + Co the jute rug is back in fashion in a big way.

7 The shiny leather couch

Accessorised correctly the leather couch is a classic that never goes out of style, just  like a fine leather jacket.

8 The mosquito net

What could be better than romantic netting framing a bed? Especially one that doubles as a mosquito deterrent.

9 Sheepskin

As this living room proves, sheepskin adds comfort and warmth to an otherwise stark room. Just as a sheepskin thrown over the back of a desk chair adds a much-needed cosy touch.

10 Pastels

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2016 is a dusky pink, further cementing the place of pastels on the design radar.

11 Stripes

And all things nice. Used sparingly, stripes add fun and interest to an interior.

12 Wall panelling

Take this effect and use it in unexpected places, like behind the bed as a headboard.

13 Wallpapered feature walls

The granddaddy of the painted feature wall. Having just one wallpapered wall means the pattern and colour won’t overwhelm the space.

14 Pine furniture

Knotty pine was a massive hit in the 1990s, especially when teamed with more wood. This material is warm and calming and will always be welcome in Kiwi homes.

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