How to style your entryway to make a great first impression

Give yourself a calm send-off and a soothing return home with a simple, clutter-free entryway that reflects your style

How to style your entryway to make a great first impression

Think of an entryway as the first impression your home creates; a little taster of your interior style.

Rather than just a place to toss your shoes and hang your coat, an entryway, in my opinion, should be treated as an extension of the living area and styled just as carefully. There’s no need for anything elaborate; just a few simple items – a lovely lamp, a mirror, a seat and an umbrella stand or coat hooks – are all you need. It is also important that this area should always be clean and uncluttered.

Choose a neutral or simple palette and work to make the space feel clear and orderly. Here I have chosen a monochrome scheme that is bold yet spare. Clean lines are best in a confined space; this bench seat, for example, couldn’t be simpler and is handy when changing footwear.

A mirror is a must, not only for a last-minute check-over before going out, but also to give the area a spacious feel, especially if it reflects a clean white wall or window. Finally, to add warmth to your welcome, you can’t beat a pot or two of lush upright or cascading greenery. Can you believe all the plants pictured here are artificial? They are so lifelike and of course won’t take up any of your precious time.

Styling by: Alex Walls. Photography by: Bayly & Moore.

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