How to style reclaimed wood furniture in your home like a pro

The d-Bodhi collection of reclaimed wood furniture from Harvey Norman brings a unique and exotic look to any space. Here’s how to style it in your home


How to style reclaimed wood furniture in your home like a pro

Choosing a single, unifying style is important for connecting spaces such as the kitchen and dining area. In this setting, we’ve gone for industrial-style furniture from Harvey Norman’s d-Bodhi collection. The story of d-Bodhi begins with the Tectona grandis tree from East Java.

Known as teak, the wood is popular for its beauty and durability and is used in many homes and buildings. d-Bodhi reclaims the wood from demolished buildings, pays a fair price, then crafts the beautifully seasoned wood into individually-created furnishings that last for years.

WALLS A bright yet welcoming colour on the walls in the kitchen dining area is the ideal base for creating a modern and sleek looking family space. Get this look with a fresh and clean colour like Resene ‘Green Smoke’.

FURNITURE Choose a theme for your dining area. We have gone for contemporary style wooden furniture with simple lines and a recycled looked finish. The black metal detailing, teamed with sleek black dining chairs give the room a loft apartment style feel.

RUG Warm up the space with a gorgeous pale coloured, woollen rug under the table. By using a lighter, softer texture to the furniture you will brighten the space and at the same time add warmth and depth to the room.


SHELVES Shelving in the same finish as the table and dresser ties the area nicely together. It is also the perfect way of keeping all your tableware on display as well as close at hand when entertaining.

FLOWERS Freshly cut flowers and greenery are a brilliant way to make a statement and add another dimension to the dining area. Be brave with your bunches and creative with what you use, the bigger the better. Pot plants and succulents will also sit well in the shelves and dressers of this space and add to its contemporary freshness.

ACCESSORISE Simplicity is key to creating this loft lifestyle look. Don’t over clutter but do include a variety of textures and finishes in your objects as this creates depth and interest to your dining area. Combine ceramics, wood, glass and tribal look pieces in similar tonal colours and textures to create a truly beautiful room.

When a d-Bodhi product is purchased, a portion of the price is donated to the foundation to fund a replacement teak tree in Indonesia. Each d-Bodhi swing ticket has an  identification number that can be checked on the Trees4Trees website, so customers can see the location of the tree they have helped to fund.


Text and styling by: Emily Somerville-Ryan. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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