How to hang a gallery wall like a pro

Article by Homes to Love

We quiz interiors expert Alex Fulton for her tips and tricks for hanging a brilliant gallery wall. Kate Spade NYC gallery wall, here we come!


There are a few simple steps to follow to hang a good-looking gallery wall:

1 Lay out all your artwork on the floor under the wall that you are planning to use. If you wish, you can also mark out the space on the wall with masking tape to get the proportions right. This makes it easy to change things around first before committing to holes in the wall. It’s also a good idea to mark the centre point of the wall with masking tape, and the height at which you wish to hang the lowest gallery pieces.

2 Make paper replicas of the frames by drawing around the edges and cutting out. Mark on the paper the centre point of the wire/string when drawn tight. You can do this by flipping the art over and drawing the string tight vertically. Mark on the paper the point where the string stops stretching. These marks are where the nails will go in the wall.

3 Use painter’s tape or Blu-tack to fix the paper templates to the wall in the configuration you are happy with.

4 Hammer in the hooks where you marked them on the paper cut-outs. Tear away paper cut-outs.

5 Hang your artworks and admire!

Words by: Alex Fulton & Johanna Thornton. Photo by:

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