How to decorate with white: Inspired by the Amalfi Coast

Stylist Amber Armitage shows us how to decorate a crisp white, textured space following an inspiring trip to the Amalfi Coast


How to decorate with white: Inspired by the Amalfi Coast 

The tranquil waters and azure coastline of Italy’s Amalfi Coast are the perfect place to enjoy a simpler way of life – I found the stillness of the water mesmerising and utterly relaxing. Indoors, the interiors are clean and pared-back with minimal colour, placing the focus on the breathtaking views. We can recreate this relaxed, Mediterranean feel at home with a daybed and crisp white styling.


Styling tips

  • Choose a large, oversized artwork and treat it like a window onto a beautiful view.
  • Keep the space casual with a framed print leaning against the wall and a daybed rather than a sofa.


  • Use treasures that you have acquired throughout your life and group them together in one space, such as hanging them on the wall.
  • Avoid clutter; make sure there is room to relax and clear the mind.

Created and styled by: Amber Armitage. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins/Flash Studios.

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