Shelley Ferguson’s top 7 wallpaper trends

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Keen to add some impact to a room? Wallpaper could be the key. We catch up with Your Home and Garden editor and co-host of The Block NZ Shelley Ferguson to discuss the latest trends

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Trend #1 Natural surfaces

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Natural surfaces swatches:

1. Replik J923-17
2. BN Wallcoverings More Than Elements 49781
3. Komar Into Illusions Oak mural XXL4-027

Trend #2 Exotic eclectic

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Exotic eclectic swatches:

1. Replik J954-04
2. Eijffinger Yasmin 341751
3. BN Wallcoverings More Than Elements 49800

Trend #3 Botanicals

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Botanical swatches, available from Resene:

1. Aspiring Walls Paradise Palma Sola 98370
2. Aspiring Walls Paradise Panama 98351
3. Komar Into Illusions Into The Wild mural XXL4-031

Trend #4 Texture

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Texture swatches:

1. Aspiring Walls Grasscloth 22140
2. Aspiring Walls Grasscloth 22122
3. Aspiring Walls Grasscloth 22138
4. Eijffinger Clover 331074

Trend #5 Geometric glamour

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Geometric glamour swatches:

1. Eijffinger Clover 331061
2. Eijffinger Charm 331218
3. Eijffinger Yasmin 341710

Trend #6 Murals

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Mural swatches:

1. Komar Into Illusions Woods XXL4-023
2. Komar Into Illusions World Map 4-050
3. Komar Into Illusions Tile XXL4-005

Trend #7 Painterly

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Painterly swatches:

1. Eijffinger Masterpiece 358000
2. Paradise Keilena 98420
3. Eijffinger Dutch Masters Scenery 358110
4. Paradise Bird of Paradise 98432

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Thanks to Aspiring Walls. Visit or visit your local Resene Colorshop to view the wallpaper samples featured in this article.

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