12 floating shelves that are your stylish answer to storage

Give your bare, boring walls some love with these floating shelf units that will take your room from wilting wallflower to wonderwall

12 floating shelves that are your stylish answer to storage

  • Wall-mounted shelves are an attractive, useful and versatile item that can bring any plain walls to life, as well as covering up unsightly marks or holes.
  • Wall shelves add interest in areas such as your bedroom and lounge but can also be handy in the laundry, garage or pantry.
  • Replacing or adding shelves is a simple trend update which can be easily swapped out later or painted to suit new decor.
  • Depending on weight, a wall shelf can be mounted anywhere you choose (heavier shelves or items will require fastening to a wall stud).
  • The items you choose to place on your shelves can add extra colour to a space or simply give you a fun way to show off some objects that are important to you.
  • Wall shelves leave the floor uncluttered by storage and don’t hinder room circulation compared to freestanding cabinets.
  • Keep a duster or soft cloth handy to keep your wall display spick and span.

Compiled by: Vanessa Nouwens.

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