How to embrace moody colours and comforting layers in your home

‘A cosy night in’ is the upside to darkness and pelting rain. Here, comforting layers are lifted by a serene, moody blue

How to embrace moody colours and comforting layers in your home

Winter has well and truly set in and so too has our mood for hunkering down and staying warm indoors. With this in mind, I’ve created a living space that I think would be perfect for a cosy night in by the fire with a hot beef stew on the stove and your favourite TV show all cued up to watch.

Many people avoid using blue in a living area as they believe it is too cold but I think there are loads of ways to make blue feel warm and cosy. For instance, on the walls for this room I’ve chosen a blue (Dulux ‘Rangitikei River’) with a slightly grey undertone which steers it away from those chilling, icy tones at one end of the blue spectrum. This shade is soothing and relaxing and I found it went easily with other blues and greys in my styling.

The dark walnut flooring injects richness and warmth and helps to ‘close in’ the space a little, making it feel intimate and inviting. Having established the frame, it was time to add the vital component when creating a sense of comfort – texture. A beautiful woollen rug brings instant warmth underfoot and visually, while a grey-toned New Zealand sheepskin and layers of cushions (in greys, blues and black) create a cosy nest. The sofa of course provides yet more texture; in this case, a nice thick tweed.

And don’t forget the lighting: a low-hanging light will amp up the cosiness factor, creating an atmospheric pool of light and narrowing the focus to just the sofa and its immediate surrounds. So for all you blue-lovers out there, this snuggly scheme is proof you can still feel toasty surrounded by your favourite colour.

Styling by: Alex Walls. Photography by: Sophia Bayly.

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