4 Christmas colour schemes that aren’t red and green

Choosing a colour theme for your family Christmas will keep things fun, fresh and festive. Here are four creative ideas to inspire your stylecolour7

1. Minimal luxe 

A base of pale grey on the walls, floor and fireplace creates the perfect backdrop for these glowing brass and gold accents to take centre stage. The stunning charcoal velvet sofa and furry grey tree decorations continue the luxe feel while adding warmth through texture. The gold mirror, candlestick, furniture legs and cushions all subtly glimmer while allowing the couch and marble tabletop to remain the heroes of this space.


  • Keep it simple when it comes to wrapping. Gold and marble wrapping paper always look stylish when teamed with gold cord and simple gift tags.
  • The tree decorations – simple fluffy balls in soft grey add texture to the room and contrast perfectly with the green tree.


2. Rose tinted 

If soft and feminine is your style, this rose-tinted living room is for you. The starting point here was the blush-coloured tassel decorations, which look great when given plenty of breathing space on an otherwise unadorned tree. Think about the proportion of the decorations in relation to the size of your tree before you buy.


  • Soft rose and blush pink look fabulous alongside off-white neutrals such as the textured cushion on the sofa and the vases on the shelf.
  • The cream paper star and the deer ornaments add a subtle hint of Christmas.
  • A touch of wood creates warmth and these two side tables (one oak, one ash) provide a place to add decorative elements such as books and ceramics.
  • Layer your main rug with a sheepskin for a soft touch.
  • Carry your colour theme through to your wrapping. Here we have teamed copper, rose and pink wrapping with white and rose ribbons and tags. As the paper is not overtly Christmassy, any leftovers can be used throughout the year.


3. Black and naturals 

Black and white always looks stylish but feels freshest when softened by natural textures.


  • This room is a visual feast thanks to the large array of textures on display which create depth and bring the room to life. The black and white theme is carried through in the patterned rug, a tufted ottoman, rattan chair, beaded chandelier, cane mirror, baskets and textured cushions.
  • These super-sized natural star decorations (30cm in diameter) make quite a statement on the tall Christmas tree. Smaller versions have been used to decorate plain Kraft and black gift boxes.
  • These stunning beaded storage boxes (patterned and black) make great presents, especially if a little gift is popped inside as a surprise.


4. Double denim 

Chambray and denim are in fashion this summer so why not bring them into the home for a chilled-out, beachy Christmas? The white walls and floor look light and crisp against the rattan and cane furniture, which also adds warmth to what could otherwise be a cold colour scheme.


  • These denim baubles are something the kids could easily make. Attach twine to medium-sized polystyrene balls then glue on 1cm squares of denim until the ball is covered. The denim wreath was created using 3cm-wide strips of 1.5m fabric. Cut three strips and wrap around a polystyrene ring, securing with glue at the back.
  • A denim Santa sack can be made using a 110cm x 70cm piece of fabric. Sew a drawstring bag (see page 30 for instructions) and thread through your ribbon. We added a denim tassel made from 10 strips of fabric (60cm x 1cm). Simply fold strips in half, secure with a small piece of denim and thread onto your bag.
  • Smaller drawstring bags can be used for gifting presents. On boxes, add denim fabric ribbons or make smaller denim tassels for decoration. Wrapping presents in fabric is eco-friendly as it can be reused for years to come.

Styling by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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