13 stylish bedside tables that you’ll love waking up to

Does yours hold a reading light and stacks of books? Or just a simple glass of water? Bedside tables can be a very personal choice. Create your ideal set-up with these bedside beauties


13 Stylish bedside tables that you’ll love waking up to

  • Your bedside tables don’t have to match. If you and your bedfellow want to choose mismatching tables or you like the eclectic look, try to keep the colours or styles similar so they still look related.
  • Think about what you want to keep on your bedside table before you go shopping. If you want an alarm clock, reading light, cup of tea and a book, work out how much space these items require so you know how big your ideal bedside table needs to be.
  • Small side tables also make great bedside options if you don’t need a shelf or drawer to store extra stuff in. This is often a cheaper choice, too.
  • Make sure the table you choose is not too low or too high. A general rule of thumb is it should be an easy, slightly downward reach to place objects on your bedside table from a tucked-in position.

Compiled by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Richard Powers/ArcaidImages

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