Bedroom profile: Snug surroundings

Article by Simply You


Warm up your walls
To create a cosy, welcoming bedroom, choose a warm paint shade, such as pinky-beige neutrals, yellows and oranges as opposed to cool blue, green and grey hues. Contrast warm tones to create clear definition between the walls and the ceiling.

Keep it cosy
Naked floorboards create a sleek look, but they’re not ideal for chilly winter weather. Invest in a thick rug to place under the bed to help define the space and add texture. Alternatively, choose two smaller rugs for each side of the bed.

Pile up pillows
Pillows are the one area in your bedroom where more really is more. Piling six to eight pillows on your bed will create a sumptuous, inviting effect.

Written by: Trudi Brewer.
Photography: Maree Homer / Derek Swalwell/

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