6 of the brightest lighting trends you need to know

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Lighting your home has come a long way since the humble candle and oil lamp. Be in the know and get inspired by the latest trends in lighting design


6 of the brightest lighting trends you need to know

Brighten your home with the latest trends in lighting design. Whether your taste is rustic and nature inspired or modern and futuristic you’re sure to find something to suit your home style.


1 Handcrafted

The love affair with features that have an authentic, aged look has gained even more traction, with hand-forged metal fixtures leading the way. Hand-woven “basket ware” styles highlighting texture and linen-look or mesh cage-style lights are also very popular.


2 Geometric 

Everything from table lamps to central shades have caught the geometry bug, many with a distinct 50s retro feel.

This style is particularly successful for eye-catching table lamps that double as a piece of sculpture. A modern take on chandeliers is also prominent, with many featuring a geometric arrangement of the central tiered structure using unusual materials with lights placed at odd angles.


3 Back to nature

The drift of the great outdoors to interiors is reflected in many signature light styles, with driftwood lamp bases, deer antler-style chandeliers, rope structures and fittings mimicking natural forms such as branches or shells —all give impact and strong style.


4 Feature lamps

The floor lamp has come of age and is no longer a fitting that just provides overhead light. Many make a design statement in their own right and have a sculptural quality.

Indeed a lot of the new floor lamps don’t provide overhead light at all but are designed instead as a room feature, often less than a metre tall, to add interest to a corner of a room. Structural looks and surprising materials lead the way.

Side table lamps are moving in the same direction with many having a strong ornamental appeal and becoming a focal point in a room.


5 Supersize it

Big is better when it comes to the current crop of shades and fittings. Massive central light shades, elaborate glass pendant structures, oversized coronet-style light fittings and huge cage-like designs draped in natural fabrics or fibres lead the way.


6 Flexible

LEDs have brought a versatility to lighting that is leading to fresh ways of illuminating areas. The flexibility of options has resulted in new treatments: bending lighting around mirrors or architectural features, back lighting on kitchen benches or kick boards, skein lighting and a myriad of other options.

Words by: Sarah Beresford  Images by: Belinda Merrie, Alicia Taylor, Brett Stevens, Chris Warnes, Maree Homer, Scott Hawkins /   Additional images via: Pinterest

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