5 ways to add a personal touch to your home when you’re renting

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Renters, don’t despair! Here’s 5 ways to make your house feel more like your own home without having to sacrifice your bond


Top 5 decorating tips for renters

Turning a house into a home can be a bit tricky when you’re renting. With legal limitations and without the freedom to rip up carpets or paint the walls you’ll need to think of other ways to add your style stamp. Here are five top decorating tips that won’t risk your bond refund when it’s time to move on!

1. Colour

Colour can be an unpredictable thing when you’re renting. You may not end up in a house with fresh white walls and neutral carpets so our number one rule of thumb is to keep your big items like your couch, dining table, bed, and dresser in a neutral colour palette. If you keep it simple your furniture will be less likely to clash if you move houses. You can add your personality through home accessories like cushions, rugs and artwork, and because your base is neutral you can update these layers of colour easily and often.

2. Wall decor

Most landlords may not appreciate you hammering a nail or sticking a tack into the wall to hang your art and photos. Make sure you check beforehand and if they’d prefer you not to, there are many temporary hook products that you can find at the supermarket. They come in a variety of sizes and there’s also double sided tape with heavy duty Velcro for those items that can’t be hung on a hook.


3. Storage

Rental properties are unfortunately often lacking in built-in storage space. Instead of resorting to plastic storage tubs find containers and display units that fit your interior style. There are so many cool and creative options available in homeware stores, from woven and wire baskets to cane chests and wooden boxes. You could even get creative and repurpose furniture for storage solutions, for example a free standing bookcase is perfect for shoes.

4. Lighting

Lighting may often be an afterthought but it plays a big role in the ‘mood’ of a space. If your home is lacking in natural light don’t fret about that window you can’t install. You’d be surprised by the impact extra lamps, candles or fairy lights can add to a room.

If you’ve got too much light pouring in, and you’re unable to hang a regular curtain rod or blinds, a retractable curtain rod is the way to go. Choose lined curtains for an extra layer of insulation or choose sheer drapery for added privacy.


5. Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is a trend that’s perfect for renters. With increasing numbers of people living in smaller spaces, homeware stores have great ranges of furniture that can be used in multiple ways. Choosing furniture that’s flexible will help to ensure its longevity when you’re renting. Think extendable tables, modular couches that allow you to switch the chaise from side to side, and furniture that doubles as storage.

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