Kristina Rapley’s winter wishlist will make you want to have a cosy night in

The ultimate Hygge combination, Your Home and Garden editor Kristina Rapley’s wishlist for winter is perfect if you want to get cosy and hibernate

Snuggle up and get cosy! Your Home and Garden editor Kristina Rapley‘s handpicked list of winter essentials is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures. From artisan ceramics to natural woollen throws, you’ll be ready to welcome in chilly winter evenings and live your best Hygge life with this stylish shopping guide.

1. Tea time

There’s no winter ritual I love more than sipping a herbal tea. Peppermint, rooibos and chamomile are my favourites – and a special new mug to enjoy them out of is a must. Ash-glazed tea bowl in blue by Yvette van Raders, $50, wood-fired teapot 3 by Duncan Shearer, $134, both from Kaolin.

2. Snuggle up

I’m so pleased to see a revival of the classic Kiwi woollen blankies we all grew up with. Great for having handy on the couch or popping over the bed for an extra layer. McKellar natural wool throw, $229, from Paper Plane.

3. Bake my day

I’ve developed a serious sweet tooth in my first pregnancy! I’m baking muffins, loaves and slices like there’s no tomorrow. Wooden spoons, from $11.50, from Father Rabbit.

4. Cosy colours

Dreary grey days call for cheery colours inside, I reckon. I’m looking forward to getting some cosy colours onto my bed. Queen sheet set in rosewood pink, $229, from Foxtrot Home.

5. Low ’n’ slow

’Tis the season for comfort food, so I’m looking forward to some hearty winter cooking. Pasta, pies and casseroles, I’m looking at you. Living & Co oval baking dish, $12, from The Warehouse.

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