10 things every stylish home on Instagram has – and where to buy them

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Want the secret formula everyone is using to create a stylish interior? We round up the best home decor pieces to help you get that Insta-worthy style

Whether you need some inspiration for a reno or you’re just obsessed with interiors, Instagram is an incredible source of stylish homes and products to shop. At Homes to Love, we’re not ashamed to say that we fall down a rabbit hole looking at beautiful homes on Instagram nearly every day. All it takes is a couple of taps and you’re suddenly two years deep on someone’s grid admiring the grouting work in their bathroom makeover.

After spending hours trawling the depths of the social media sea for inspiring homes and emerging interior trends we’ve noticed a few usual suspects that appear in stylish homes across New Zealand. So, to help you with ideas for your dream home, we’ve curated this list of must-have pieces that will take your interior style to the next level.

Whether you choose just one or get them all, you’ve got yourself a starter kit for a very stylish home.

Happy scrolling and shopping!

1. The Arnold Circus Stool

Originally designed in 2006 by London-based Italian designer Martino Gamper, the Arnold Circus Stool has fast become synonymous with contemporary interior style. Use a chair, side table, storage or as an accent piece, this stylish little stool is so versatile. We’ve even seen one tipped upside down and used as a very chic chilly bin.

First created as part of a regeneration project in Arnold Circus, London, the newer version is now proudly made in New Zealand from 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic.

Shop: AC Homestore

2. Line Art

Minimalist prints, particularly continuous line art, have taken over the walls of stylish homes across Instagram. Inspired by the works of Picasso and Matisse, these abstract artworks use just a single line to achieve simple yet striking pieces.

Auckland creative Maiko Nagao has made a name for herself with her line artwork, featuring as a Your Home and Garden cover star and in our home tour video series INSIDE. The deceptive simplicity of her artwork makes them a fail-safe option for any interior.


3. Menu Bottle Grinders

Who knew that the humble salt and pepper shaker could become a style trend, but that’s exactly what the Menu Bottle Grinders have become. Available in an assortment of colours, these salt and pepper shakers are designed to be on display and are an easy way to add a pop to your kitchen style. Match to the colour palette of your interior or make a statement with one of their bold options.

Shop: Paper Plane



4. Aēsop Handwash

Luxury skincare brand Aēsop has come to be known as the epitome of style and design. That’s why nearly every stylish kitchen sink and bathroom basin we scroll past on Instagram has a bottle of Aēsop handwash proudly placed next to it. The minimalist packaging and their wonderfully aromatic products and make them a firm favourite for any house-proud person.

Shop: Simon James

5. Citta Cushion

Layer them on your bed or pile them on the couch, when it comes to how many cushions you should have in your home the limit does not exist. There are endless options when it comes to cushions but one style we’ve noticed time and time again is the cotton velvet cushion from Citta. Designed in dreamy, earthy colours like eggplant, thistle and scoria tint, you can create a subtle style statement or make an impact by mixing and matching.

Shop: Citta

6. Thea Ceramics flat white tumbler

Open kitchen shelves have taken the interior world by storm in recent years, which has sparked an interest in unique cups and glassware to display. Thanks to this growing movement for artisan pieces, we’ve noticed the flat white tumbler by Thea Ceramics has taken pride of place in many a stylish kitchen.

Designed and created on Waiheke Island, each tumbler is individually hand thrown, and then dipped in a smooth, matte glaze. Featuring colours like Pōuriuri and Kere Whenua, these earthy tumblers have a uniquely New Zealand feel. Even if you don’t have an open shelf to adorn you’ll still want to stockpile a bunch of these beauties.


7. Toetoe

Dried flowers are all the rage right now and you’d be hard-pressed to find a stylish home that doesn’t feature oversized vases filled with feathery toetoe. The popularity of these silky stems started as a wedding décor theme and has now become a major interior trend. To minimise shedding, spraying your toetoe plumes with hairspray can apparently help to reduce any mess.

If you want to go on a beach mission to cut some for your own home make sure you don’t mistake pampas grass for toetoe. Pampas grass is a non-native, noxious weed that is wreaking havoc across New Zealand. Do a quick Google so you can tell the difference between the two as cutting it could spread seeds even further.



Featured chair from AC Homestore

8. Jan Bochan inspired chair

Cane and rattan have made a major comeback and these classic retro materials are now a popular choice for interiors to create laid-back, beachy vibes. A big source of inspiration has been the Lounge Chair, originally made in the ‘70s by Czech designer Jan Bochan. With furniture stores creating their own versions of this popular chair, it’s no wonder we’ve been noticing it in homes across Instagram.

Shop: Freedom

9. Marble trays

From benches and splashbacks to shelving and tabletops, marble is everywhere. Bringing major minimalist vibes with its creamy colour palette, marble has become the go-to choice for elegant style. Marble trays have become a favourite way to store and display everything from jewellery, perfume, candles and soaps. The perfect base for a precisely styled vignette, marble trays make it easy to make your interior feel curated and considered.

Shop: Citta



10. Indoor Plants

It wouldn’t be an Insta-famous home without a couple of indoor plants. The popularity of house plants has surged over the years with popular species like the fiddle leaf fig and peace lily gaining a cult-like status. More recently, we’ve noticed the olive tree and banana leaf plant nudging their way into the limelight.  The key is to mix up different heights and texture to create a really lush feel.

But being a plant parent can be hard, and you can end up feeling like you just bring plants home to perish. Do some research into the best plants to keep indoors and take note of what their light, air and watering preferences are.

Words: Lakshmi Krishnasamy.

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