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Pretty in pink: Seven inspirational interiors that aren’t Barbiecore

Thinking of adding a little blush to your interiors? These beautiful uses of pink interiors add a hint of romance to the space

2023 was a big year for the colour pink. Thanks to Margot Robbie and the Barbie movie, sales skyrocketed in hot pink ensembles and home decor, as we were dreaming of our own Dream House. This year, however, pink is more muted and subtle, creating a sense of calm within the home.

Pink is known to many as a colour of romance, but it can also trigger feelings of joy, creativity and peacefulness. The hue doesn’t have to be left exclusively by children’s bedrooms. Consider using it in your living room to create a cacoon-like space, or a bathroom to replicate that spa-like feeling.

If you’re aiming for a sophisticated look, dusty pinks and blush hues add elegance that allows jewel-toned furnishings to pop. A pink palette pairs beautifully with a variety of other colours – it can almost be considered a neutral tone. Pink and green have long been considered a match made in heaven, while pink and chocolate browns create a sense of richness.

These six homes have used pink so artfully, that they’re bound to inspire a flick of paint in your own home. Read on to see how it can be done.

Our favourite uses of pink interiors

1. A candy-coloured home that makes you smile

From the blush front door to the pastel-pink staircase, this home leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

“We went to Italy a couple of years ago and I was so in awe of their love of colour,” says the homeowner. “In Burano, a little island off Venice, all the houses are painted and there’s pink everywhere. I came home thinking, ‘Why aren’t we brave with colour here?’ We need to just go with it.”


2. A New Plymouth house with a fun palette that brings the drama

These homeowners wanted their guests to be surrounded by colour and texture the minute they stepped through the front door.

“Colour is my thing. Obviously. I chose muted colours because they are easy to live in and they help to create a mood, but they’re also subtle…Well, except for the pink kids’ hallway,” says the homeowner-interior designer.

The pink, in a high-gloss plum, is about having fun and joy. It’s uplifting, but not too childish – the perfect choice.


3. A former Mount Maunganui bach with the golden touch

Going through the gold front door, you’ll know this house is bound to surprise.

“Our colour palette is pretty classic, mostly with white and timber furnishings,” says the homeowner. “But we love colour so there are pops of colour throughout the home.”

The pink bathroom is one of two drenched in colour (the other is green, of course). With a white vanity and gold tapware, you couldn’t find a better place to rejuvenate after a surf at the beach.


4. A Napier home filled with thrifted finds

These homeowners may not have reached for the can of paint with this delightfully pink home, but their cosy space is a perfectly pink example of how to include the hue without much of an investment.

They’ve used pink in numerous places and complemented it with bright and pastel hues that allow it to recess into the background, yet create that sense of playfulness.

From a dusty rose sofa, pale pink bedding, artwork, decor and more, this home is a lesson in joyful colour combination.


5. A renovated heritage home levels up with sophistication

“The main living area is a low light space, so I wanted to use colours like the pinks, ochres and browns to create warmth as well as complement the timber.”

Originally stark white, these new homeowners were eager to flood the spaces with colour to bring character to the house, but also to ensure it didn’t look like everyone else’s.

The kitchen island is wrapped in pink, mimicking the soft blush hue of the tiled splashback behind. Among the browns, greys and whites of the space, the colour is not too rich, but not too subtle. It really ties in all the colours to create a tasteful palette.


6. This kitchen borrows from the past to forge a functional, modern space

These homeowners just can’t get enough of their kitchen. “At night we sit and stare at the tiles over a cup of tea, they always look stunning.”

Moving into this weatherboard cottage that exuded charm and character, the couple soon realised the kitchen wasn’t going to work. It was outdated and lacked the functionality needed for a young family.

The new kitchen pairs pink-painted walls with green cabinetry and yellow finger tiles. Today, the kitchen pays homage to the original space through the details but performs for family living.


7. A New Plymouth house exploding with romance and colour

Filled with treasure and a distinctive style, this home reflects the style of its creative owners. Colour is a crucial element of the interior, and with a strict ‘no white wall rule’, the home has a richness to it that couldn’t be replicated elsewhere.

Pink walls in the living room contrast with green in the laundry, blue in the children’s bedrooms and mushrooms in the main bedroom. The living space, furnished with jewel-toned hues and black accents, seems to open up the space while adding a sense of tranquillity, perfect for a busy family who uses the space to relax after a long day.


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