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How to make orange and gold Christmas decorations look chic, not kitsch

Soft gold and burnt orange Christmas decorations are a sophisticated pairing. Alex Walls shows us how to give this retro colour combination a modern take

orange and gold Christmas decorations

A Kiwi Christmas has no sleighbells ringing, chestnuts roasting on an open fire or Jack Frost nipping at your nose. However, there is a warm glow from our summer sun that you can capture with gorgeous gold and tangy tangerine decor.

For this tree, I’ve matched metallic foliage and flowers with traditional glass decorations, sticking to a palette of pale and dark gold to allow the beautiful natural forms and textures to take centre stage. Branches and flowers are great for filling any gaps and are a cost-effective way to create a striking look.

gold christmas decorations

The decorations chime perfectly with the furniture, especially a gorgeous velvet footstool that brings a hint of retro charm to our Christmas Eve scene, while the muted green wall in Dulux Karekare is the ideal foil to glistening gold and glowing tangerine.

All set for a very merry Christmas!

gold Christmas decorations

Alex’s tree decorating tips

  • Always start with the lights first so you don’t disrupt your decoration placement at the end.
  • Place your large feature decorations next (in this case it was our metallic flowers and branches).
  • Next, hang the smaller decorations (doing them in this order helps you to distribute them evenly).
  • Apply one style of decoration at a time to ensure you get a nice spread across your tree.
  • A cool way to tie in some colour is by draping the base of the tree in a coloured sheet or large towel.
  • Choose wrapping paper that works with your tree’s colour scheme

Styling by: Alex Walls. Photography by: Claudia Henty.

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