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How to light up your living room with a modern makeover

Style Director Catherine Wilkinson shows us how to utilise seasonal light and blend old with new in your home space

How to light up your living room with a modern makeover

Spring sunlight is a natural scenesetter in any home. From ethereal morning light to vivid afternoon rays or the afterglow in the early evening, natural light provides its own unique filters to enhance all the elements within your favourite space.

You can create a sense of warm ambience inside your home using complementary window fashions from Luxaflex®. As a way to blend old with new, Luxaflex Country Woods® Timber Shutters embrace a traditional aesthetic perfectly offset by the modern appeal of the Luxaflex® Roller Blind.

Here are my top tips to achieve a seamless blend of traditional and modern in your home:

Catherine’s style tips   

  • Messy play: If it’s not styled correctly, a modern design aesthetic can sometimes make a space appear slightly cold. Buffer this vibe by adding a lived-in quality to your space with a pair of textured cushions, slouchy throw, a plant or vase of wildflowers.
  • Set the tone: Allow statement pieces to pop, as seen here with this turmeric-hued velvet couch. Balance bold tones with greys, blacks and whites, and if you’re working with muted hues, get creative and mix different patterns to add texture.
  • Light it up: Luxaflex Country Woods® Timber Shutters used in conjunction with a Luxaflex® Roller Blind allow you to maximise light however you choose. These contrasting yet complementary window fashions work to reflect your space as a whole, emphasising historic joinery and stained glass alongside modern décor styling, as seen here.
  • Create cohesion: When using multiple fashions in one space, tie them together by selecting the same colours for fabric and hardware.

Cool, calm and curated

Stay grounded with a solid marble coffee table in a subtle marbled pattern. This creates the perfect muted background for multi layering of your accessories. Bring out the greys in the marble with a herringbone throw, then complete your gradient with matte black crockery for an edgy look. These pieces tie together perfectly with the colours on offer from Luxaflex®.

Paired perfection

Sunlight filters through differently in all areas of your home, which is why different window covering options can provide the ideal complement to seasonal light. Choosing a Luxaflex® Roller Blind to partner with Country Woods® Timber Shutters is an inspired way to embrace both traditional and modern. In a classic white colourway, the shutters offer a stunning design partner to the roller blind.

The timber shutters’ 89mm blades offer the best of both worlds. Beautiful, yet practical and durable, the shutters are custom made to fit the windows and doors in your chosen space. When closed, the shutters also provide effective heat and noise insulation.

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