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3 flooring options from Carpet Court that are perfect for a neutral interior

Choosing the perfect flooring to complement an all-white interior is easy with Carpet Court’s wide range of realistic wood-look laminate and vinyl, and a plush palette of nature-inspired carpets

1. Malmo Dynamic

‘barrow oak’

Dynamic is a versatile flooring that can be used anywhere, is extremely resilient and offers an attractive variety of patterns and hues.

2. Rhino Rhode Island


Rhode Island has to be the most natural-looking Rhino carpet available, with a beautiful delustered yarn and tailored finish. Its classy appearance and fine twist levels are enhanced by Forever Clean technology, meaning its beauty can be enjoyed for years to come.

Styling tip

Bring colour and texture into your neutral scheme by layering your accessories. A simple grouping of vessels or ceramics on a brass tray is one easy way to achieve this.

3. Malmo Mammut

‘makro oak light grey’

Whether used to support extremely heavy loads or to create a sophisticated and natural look, Mammut is a floor that can meet all requirements. The panels are extra hard, extra long and extra practical and the range features a country cottage character and authentic wood look.


Shop the look

1 Malmo Exquisit Laminate in ‘Whitewashed Oak’.

2 Gerflor Texline Primetex Vinyl in ‘Playa White’.

3 Jacobsens Studio Trend Vinyl in ‘Kiruma Ardina Grey’.

4 Rhino™ Exquisite Beauty Carpet in ‘Windsor Castle’.

5 Cavalier Bremworth Switzerland Carpet in ‘St Moritz’.

6 Cavalier Bremworth Switzerland Carpet in ‘Montreaux’.

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