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We tidied our desks to show you where we’re working from home

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Here’s how we’ve been finding little moments of joy and ways to make our new home offices feel special during this sudden Covid-19 lockdown

Since the lockdown to stop the spread of Covid-19 began in New Zealand we’ve all started adjusting to our new normal. If you’ve made the sudden switch to working from home you’ll know the slightly disoriented feeling that comes with this new way of working.

Now that our team has settled into our new home offices, we’ve found that it’s the little things like sitting in the sunshine, a freshly brewed pot of coffee or a snuggle with your pet that can make you feel not so discombobulated.

Below we share our (tidied) setups and the little moments that have bought us joy during this time.


Harriet Keown – Digital Producer

I feel very lucky to have a small, separate office area in my flat, which makes it easy to create a boundary between being switched on for work and moving into relax mode in the evenings. I have set my desk up with soft, neutral colours to keep my mind clear, and always have my diary and notebook close by to jot down to-do lists and new ideas.

Since working from home, my appreciation for our little backyard has grown exponentially. When I start to get restless at my desk, I take my laptop outside and spend a bit of time working on a beanbag in the sunshine. I’ve been making a purposeful effort to make the most of any opportunity I can to be outside in the fresh air to ward off cabin fever!

Mel Tapper – Video Editor

My WFH set up includes a mug of coffee (essential at all times), my laptop and my ridiculously adorable colleague, Sylvie. One thing that brings me joy while WFH is being able to park up by the window and watch the rain while I work.

Lakshmi Krishnasamy – Digital Editor

I’ve commandeered a corner in the spare room of our apartment as my new workspace. It’s a bit of a mix of things around the house. The table was a $15 find on TradeMe that I painted and the chair is a dining room chair that I borrowed from my parents for the lockdown.

I’ve added a diffuser for soothing scents, moisturiser for my over-washed hands and a couple of plants to make it feel more inviting. My new leafy view completes the setup and is definitely making me feel better during this strange transition.

Olivia Day – Digital Producer

I’m set up in the office at my parent’s home. I feel very grateful to have a specific space where I’m able to shut off from the rest of the family and avoid distractions.

A huge bonus of moving back home for isolation is being able to see my black labrador (Sollie) every day! A cuddle with him during tea breaks is so soothing for the soul.

Katie Delany – Digital Producer

Once discovering working from home is my new normal for the foreseeable future, I took it as an opportunity to get creative with my workspace. I like to add blankets for comfort, coffee within my arms reach and scented candles for ambiance.

Sadly with no furry friend to distract me, I have turned into a true plant mother during working from home. I find I’ve been changing my plant companion around every other day to provide a new view, and keep myself happy and focused while self-isolating.

Feature image by: Bayly & Moore.

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