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7 clever and stylish ways to create more storage in your home

The best storage is practical, beautiful and makes the most of otherwise unused spaces

1. Turn storage into art

Freestanding shelves are brilliant for both storing and displaying treasured items. They work particularly well in open-plan areas.

2. Use wall space

Look for ways to create useful storage on bare walls such as in the hallway or entrance, or above or beside the bed. Rather than just hanging an artwork, you can mix up shelving, hooks, racks and art to get real utility out of any vertical space.

3. Get on a roll

A trolley is handy for items you need to move from room to room or that you need to use temporarily before they’re stored away in a cupboard or pantry.

4. Hide it away

Paint cupboards and walls the same colour so the storage recedes into the background. Your eye will focus on the decorative elements rather than the storage itself.

5. Learn to love containers

Trays, boxes and baskets are great for making sure all your bits and bobs are organised and tidy yet still within easy reach. They also create opportunities to add a little texture or colour to your spaces.

6. Keep a lid on it

Choose boxes, canisters and even small tables with lids so you can hide away miscellaneous objects that might otherwise create a cluttered look.

7. A room divider

Use more of your vertical space with an open shelving unit that doubles as a room divider. Items can be accessed from both sides of the room, making the space more functional.

Styling by: Amber Armitage. Photography by: Mel Jenkins.

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