6 simple ways to incorporate colour throughout your home

Whilst it can be tempting to paint all your walls in various hues, sometimes small and simple dahses of colour are just as effective. Here’s how

1. Art
Rather than buying a piece of art to fill a space, Stacey recommends finding something you truly love, then working the rest of your interior, including your textiles, around it. “Pull out some of the colours from a painting – or even a favourite item of clothing such as a beautiful scarf – and use them as the basis of your colour scheme. Pick a dominant shade you like, then add another two or three – they could be contrasting,” she says.

2. Rugs
These days we’re spoilt for choice. No longer confined to neutrals, you can choose any shade you like, much as you would a favourite painting. Try a rug in the same colour as your couch but in a darker shade, or make a statement with a vibrant work of art beneath your feet.

3. Furniture
Love your favourite pieces but not with your newly painted living room? Adopt the eco-friendly interior trend by re-staining them. Revamp wooden pieces by giving them a whitewash or greywash to lighten them – or depending on your chosen colour scheme, you could give rattan furniture with an orangey tone a darker charcoal look. Resene’s Karen Walker Chalk Colour range is a good option for this, with a soft wax to help protect it.

4. Appliances
Fridges and ovens are big items that you don’t necessarily want to draw attention to. Just as last year’s go-to colour was black, this year we’re seeing a return to white appliances last popular in the 1980s and 1990s before silver became ubiquitous.

5. Cushions
It’s tempting to go nuts with colour when throwing cushions on the couch – but for a more refined, elegant look, opt for one or two shades only. “There’s no right or wrong but try pulling out one colour from your artwork and use that,” says Stacey. Too many colours in one space may not invoke the restful ambience your couch is designed for; play with textures instead. A throw in one of your chosen colours is another way to liven up a neutral couch.

6. Objets d’art
If you have a beautiful piece of pottery, do you want it to blend in or stand out? Ornaments in bright colours will attract the eye.

Words by: Carrie Bell.

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