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5 surprising home trends Pinterest predicts we’ll see in 2020

Article by Homes to Love

What’s in store for 2020? Pinterest unveiled their top 100 trends for the year and we’ve unearthed the five most surprising. Take a look below

1. Audio rooms

Also referred to as a listening room or an audio den, think of an audio room as the equivalent for music as a library is for books. Pinterest says the search for “audio room” has increased by 803 per cent, with searchers looking for the ultimate surround sound experience. But don’t just think a couple of speakers in a bare room will do the trick. Much like a library, or reading room, an audio room can have shelves of records or (are they making a comeback?) CDs. Comfortable seating is a must, and, it goes without saying, quality speakers.

Perhaps 2020 is the year where TVs are replaced with record players and downtime is enjoyed in the company of your favourite singers, songwriters and composers.

water features, lotus pond

2. Indoor water fountains

With an increase in search on Pinterest by 917 per cent, it looks like indoor water fountains will be making their way into a few homes this year. Touted as being stress relieving, there’s no denying the sound of water has a relaxing effect.

So, whether it’s a small portable water fountain or a full-on waterfall feature, maybe it’s time to introduce some of nature’s soundtrack to your home.

3. Garden rooms

Evermore, it’s time to bring the outdoors in. In conjunction with our evergrowing fascination with indoor plants, the trend for garden rooms has also been increasing – by 104 per cent.

Garden rooms are small spaces, possibly a former sunroom, study or even a garden shed that is full to the brim of plants. Within the mass of greenery, you’ll find a comfortable lounger or sofa, and maybe a bookshelf. But mostly it’s a room where you can connect with nature, whilst being indoors.

4. Spanish bathrooms

Bright colours, distinct archways and decorative tiles – let us introduce you to the Spanish baños steaming up on Pinterest.

Patterned tiles typically define Spanish bathroom style, in particular, a terracotta tile. Pair this with rustic furniture, natural wood, arched doorways or showers and mosaic-style backsplashes or full-wall murals and you’ll be transported to Español.


5. Outdoor bars

We’re no longer content with simply dining alfresco. Instead, now, we’re looking to build an outdoor kitchen or bar in our backyards (complete with sink, stove and pizza oven) so we can cook, dine and entertain outdoors all at the same time.

According to Pinterest, searches for ‘outdoor kitchen bars’ is up by 2,795 per cent.

As with indoors, an outdoor bar kitchen needs to be functional (i.e. don’t underestimate the amount of bench space you’ll need). Try to avoid planting anything too close to your pizza oven or BBQ for it could be a fire hazard and remember to fill your surrounding garden with herbs.

Words by: Bea Taylor

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