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3 fresh bedroom looks that will make you want to hit the shops

Sink into slumber with these light and easy bedroom updates for the warmer months

1. Palm perfection

Whether it’s a few fronds in a vase or a wallpapered feature wall, using palm leaves in your bedroom decor will put you on the fast track to summer bedroom bliss.


Rattan elements such as the headboard, side table and tray add texture and bring that atmospheric wallpaper to life. Gold leaf-shaped hooks add a little hint of luxury, as well as practical storage. A few fresh palm leaves in a bottle or vase add the finishing touch to this inviting space.


We’ve used the colours in our wallpaper to select bedding in soft tones of natural linen, warm yellow, tan and teal. Since the wall is the hero in this space, we’ve avoided patterned cushions and accessories, but a beautiful, moody teal green linen throw adds depth and dimension.

Walls & Floor

A wallpapered palm-tree feature wall will give you a tropical vibe all year round and is a great choice for creating a bedroom that feels like a relaxing retreat, especially if you choose a muted colourway such as this pattern from Design Federation. Add a delicate pale green painted floor for the cool factor and a soft rug for texture.

2. Black, white & beachy

Summer decor doesn’t have to be all about colour and pattern – crisp black and white can also feel light and fresh. The trick is to add a few natural touches and some subtle tropical motifs.

Walls & floor

Crisp white walls and tongue-and-groove floors instantly create a fresh, breezy summer feeling and are a great base to build your design around. Team white floors with a jute rug for some natural texture.


A crisp white linen duvet cover is a great, no-fuss summer bedding option. A natural fabric such as linen will also help you to stay cool on warm nights. As an alternative to a throw blanket, a Turkish fringed towel or sarong makes a lovely final detail.


Choose a few decor items that create a holiday feel such as this ‘Vacay vibes’ cushion, a collection of sun hats on the wall, or even a surfboard in the corner. Artwork that makes you think of summer holidays (palm trees, beaches, pools etc) will also help tie the scheme together.

Style tip: A black and white theme creates a blank canvas that allows easy seasonal updates.


3. Moroccan daydream

This look is all about desert-inspired tones and curved details such as arches, cut-outs and shapely vessels. This bedroom is designed to evoke the mood of Morocco without resorting to using too many patterns or ornate details. Instead we’ve focused on a calming palette of sky blue and earthy terracotta, matched with casual styling.

Walls & floor

Warm white (Resene Half Merino) has been used on the walls and floors, and an arch-shaped ‘headboard’ was painted to mimic Moorish architecture. This is easy project can be painted if you want a fresh look at a later stage. For this queen bed we painted our headboard 1.7m wide and 2m high. At 1.2m off the floor we inset the arch to add interest.


A soft linen duvet in a pinkish clay tone anchors the bed and is teamed with cushions in blue and soft peach. A printed cushion with palm trees and archways adds a gentle Moroccan accent.


We chose a washed wooden side table with some ornate cut-out detailing and added a cluster of small vessels in our terracotta and blue colour scheme. On the other side of the bed, two white urns provide detail without detracting from the feature wall. A simple wooden bench balances out the space and a washed-out textured rug links all the colours in the room together.

Styling by: Vanessa Nouwens, assisted by Jemma Roff. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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