Interior Style

3 different ways to style a bathroom, and how to shop the looks

A standard bathroom needn’t be bland or boring. Our clever stylists show how simple accessories can make a bold style statement in the most neutral of spaces

Look 1 – Candy colours

Marshmallow shades of pink and white pair with zingy lemon yellow for a sweet and soothing bathroom.

Look 2 – Monochromatic black and white

Crisp black lines look clean and fresh in a white bathroom and a sculptural plant adds a lush, tropical edge.

Styling tip – Rounded objects soften the hard lines typically found in wet areas, especially in black and white schemes.

Look 3 – Down to earth

Warm, spicy shades of ochre and tobacco team with natural materials for a grounded, contemporary bath space.

Syling tip Art looks great in a bathroom and will help create your chosen mood.

Photography by: Wendy Fenwick. Styling by: Catherine Wilkinson, Vanessa Nouwens, Fiona Kerr.

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