3 colourful bedroom looks and the bedside tables to match

Sometimes a bedside table isn’t a table at all – sometimes it’s a wall shelf or headboard ledge. Here are three looks and three bedside tables to inspire your next bedroom makeover

Take some creative license with what is and isn’t a bedside table. If it’s beside your bed and functions as a stand, then it is a bedside table. Here are three different ideas and styles to get you thinking about that small space beside your bed.

Retro style and a classic bedside

’70s style is back and this bold colour palette could be just the thing you need to add a sense of optimism and adventure to your bedroom. Start by painting a wavey mural on the walls, then repeat the wave theme with interlocking curved ottomans. To balance out all the curves, stick to traditional bedside drawers, plus you get points for extra storage.

Minimalist style and a wall-mounted bedside

Just because a bedroom is small doesn’t mean you need to cut back on style. Try a paint-split wall with a darker shade on the bottom to make the room look wider. We colour-matched our Made of Tomorrow wall-hung bedside shelves with the panelled wall colour Resene Navigate for seamless integration. Keeping things clean and uncluttered will also make the space feel larger with a simple wall-mounted bedside shelf. Add personality with great artwork and patterned pillowslips.

Floral style and a headboard bedside

For a bold and colourful bedroom, start with a wallpaper that’s caught your eye, then pull colours from it and repeat throughout the room. This bold botanical wallpaper was the jumping off point here. The ledge headboard was painted in Resene Arthouse and makes for a great bedside table alternative. These block colours provide a barrier between the patterned paper and the mix and match bedding, so the look is cohesive rather than overwhelming.

Text and styling by: Amber Armitage. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick. Styling assistant: Natalie Sievers.

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