This 2018 interior trend report will make it easy to shop the latest styles

From fabrics and lights to wallpaper and paint, this inspiring guide to our favourite interior trends will help to inspire your home this year 


Hard-flooring trends this season are inspired by the colours, shapes, motifs and mosaics of Morocco. Rusty, earthy terracotta tones are key, while dark wood and blackened steel create depth. Time-honoured techniques such as terrazzo and parquetry add texture, with natural surfaces such as marble upping the luxe factor.


  • Balance warm colours with a cool element – for example, anchor a busy feature tile with blackened steel or brass.
  • You can find beautiful tiles and pottery pieces secondhand on Trade Me. Their lived-in appearance will add to this look, which is all about character and time-worn charm.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer different shapes and patterns as long as there is a consistent colour or element that links it all together.

1 Clover cast-iron bottle opener, $59, from Everyday Needs.
2 Herringbone desk tidy by Phil Cuttance, $105, from Everyday Needs.
3 Den armchair in Panama, $1299, from Freedom.
4 Teak platter, $59.90, from Crave Home.
5 Brass vase, $79, from Indie Home Collective.
6 Black retro stool, $369, from Father Rabbit.
7 Aztec cushion, $149.99, from Alex & Corban.


A handmade quality is key in this season’s lighting. Hand-blown glass, woven jute and Japanese-style fabric pendants all embody this look. Brushed brass in curvy forms is a contrasting yet complementary style.


  • There are some amazing table lamp designs around at the moment; choose your fave and make it a feature piece.
  • If you are getting pendants wired in by a professional, look for a light fitting with an interchangeable shade so you can switch it out down the track.
  • Consider the size and ceiling height of your space as it’s important that a pendant suits the scale of the room. Ask your electrician to set up your light at various lengths and leave it for a few days before permanently wiring it in so you have time to live with it before making a final decision.

1 Living & Co table lamp, $15, from The Warehouse.
2 Walker pendant, $269, from Indie Home Collective.
3 Newman smoked glass table lamp, $279.99, from Alex & Corban.
4 Tamara pendant, $139, from Freedom.
5 Washi paper lampshade, $80.50, from Everyday Needs.
6 Shaz table lamp, $145, from Father Rabbit.
7 Arch pendant, $1620, from Douglas & Bec.


Luxurious plush velvets and light linens contrast with more rustic textures this season. Pair gold, blush and creamy hues with botanical prints and leafy details to create a peaceful, nature-inspired retreat.


  • Layering lots of luxe fabrics will give your space a warm, inviting and nurturing feel. For this look, more is more!
  • Hang linen drapes at ceiling height and allow them to pool on the floor for a lavish, romantic statement.
  • Floor cushions and ottomans supply an instant sense of relaxation, and rounded furniture shapes will increase this feeling of softness and welcome. Keep a slouchy basket nearby to tidy away cushions and throws when not in use.

1 Aurelien cushion, $29.95, from Freedom.
2 Natural mesh planter, $34.99 for two, from Alex & Corban.
3 Cotton velvet cushion cover, $49.90, from Citta
4 Aura vintage linen throw, $179.99, from Alex & Corban.
5 Linen cushion by Penney + Bennett, $119, from Paper Plane.
6 Hand-woven fringed rug, $490, from Crave Home.
7 Arch vanity chair, $1490, from Douglas & Bec.

Paint and wallpaper

Moody watercolours create a soft and poetic atmosphere perfect for inspiring creativity. Subtle graphics and jewel tones are complemented by soft sand and blush colours. Mauve and purplish plum add depth and mystery.


  • Purple is the colour of the moment and there are plenty of paint tones to help you embrace it. Try Resene ‘Loulou’, ‘Honey Flower’ or ‘Maverick’.
  • Wallpaper doesn’t have to cover large areas. It could be used for a feature wall or nook or even to create a headboard.
  • Think about how you want to feel in the space you are painting or wallpapering. Darker jewel tones enclose a space, making it feel cosy and comforting, while shades of sand and blush and warm whites conjure a warm, relaxing and serene mood

1 Living & Co tassel throw in burgundy, $20, from The Warehouse.
2 Tom Dixon Bump water jug, $250, from Simon James.
3 Felix foot stool, $750, from Me & My Trend.

Created by: Catherine Wilkinson. Photography by: Mike Rooke.

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