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20 homes with sumptuous pink interiors you’ll instantly fall in love with

Article by Homes to Love

Maybe it’s just because it’s Valentine’s day, but we’re feeling a bit of love for pink interiors. These homes show us how it’s done

pink bathroom

It wasn’t that long ago when millennial pink was ‘the colour’ for everything interior related. It was a neutral, a statement colour and a complementary hue to be used in saturation (for both children and adults).

Rightly so too, because pink is a versatile shade that works with most other colours.

The phrase, “ticked pink” is used to describe a feeling of elation for a reason; this colour just seems to make people happy and amused.

Like white, pink comes in many shades and tones – so don’t go thinking fuchsia and baby are your only options. Soft blushes, dirty/muddy shades and even those straying into the coral colour family make great interior additions.

In fact, even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have succumbed to its timeless appeal, their latest feature with Architectural Digest revealed their daughter North’s entirely fuchsia bedroom (complete with butterfly headboard).

As you’ll see in the homes below, this lively shade can be used all around the home; for exterior and interior wall colours, for wallpaper, on tiles, on doors, curtains, cabinets, kitchen stools and even on the ceiling.

So, take a scroll and try not to fall in love with this rose-tinted hue below: 

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