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14 of the hottest homeware trends you need to know about in 2019

In our annual homeware trends report, the YH&G team select the colours, finishes, materials and feelings that we think will be big this year. Dive in and see if you agree

1. Destination styling: Joshua tree

This year, we’ve left Palm Springs behind and are driving east to Joshua Tree, where cacti grow wild and the dusty tones of the Californian desert stretch as far as the eye can see. Whatever destination you dream of, use it to inspire interiors that create a sense of adventure and escape at home.

2. Palette: Living coral

Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year represents a tropical update of our fave Millennial pink. From electric tangerine-tinged coral to muted peach-toned apricot, pair coral with lots of lush greenery for a knockout tropical punch.

Shop the look Hepburn armchair, $599, from Freedom. Menu salt and pepper grinders, $139, from Paper Plane.

3. Material: Deep timber

Blond wood and Scandinavian style have been everywhere for several seasons, but now it’s time for a swing to the other end of the spectrum. The deep tones of walnut, teak and mahogany have a soulful quality that harks back to one of the big trend stories of the moment – the 1970s. Whether you’re choosing a timber finish, wood stain or decor object, take a walk on the dark side.

4. Material: Brushed metal

In all those areas where we touch and use metal in the home – taps, handles, knobs and knives – brushed surfaces feel the most satisfying right now. Whether you’re crushing on chrome or bonkers about bronze, make it a brushed finish.

Shop the look Round brass-look tray, $12, from Kmart. Brass-effect watering can, $12, from Kmart. Meir Kitchen Traditional mixer in Champagne, $679, from The Kitchen Hub.

5. Philosophy: The new minimalism

While the old minimalism was about getting rid of stuff, the new minimalism is about living with less, and ensuring that what we have is meaningful. It recognises the beauty in imperfection and sees objects as things that tell stories, rather than as disposable accessories. Although it has its own aesthetic – neutral colours, natural materials and imperfect patterns such as hand-daubed spots – at the end of the day, modern minimalism is about creating space in your home for the things that matter: family, friends and creativity.

6. Surface: matte white

As all-white interiors show no sign of going out of style, matte white is gaining momentum in homeware as a way of further stripping away extraneous detail and stressful clutter. There’s something supremely satisfying about a matte white tile, tap, vase or light fitting, especially in pure shades of medical white.

7. Palette: emerald

The muted greens of recent seasons (we’re looking at you, sage) are making way for more verdant jewel tones that bring depth and vibrancy. Glossy emerald tiles lend just the right amount of glamour and shine to your bathroom and kitchen, while soft furnishings in hues of deep botanical green add cosiness and a reminder of nature to your living spaces.

Shop the look Hexa wall Echo green gloss tile, $124.90 a square metre, from Tile Depot. Green glass vase, $9, from Kmart. Dark green ottoman, $179, from Target.

8. Palette: Primary colour pops

Sunshine yellow has been lighting up our lives as a feature colour for a while, but now it’s being joined by tomato red and royal blue in the colour-pop palette. Use these hues to add a dose of surprise to your interior, whether it’s via a statement cushion, rug or artwork, or even on a wall or tiled surface to spark long-lasting joy.

9. Material: textured glass

Whether it’s domed, stippled, rippled or roughcast, textured and patterned glass is moving out of glassware and into the home as a whole. Shower doors, room dividers and privacy windows will become statement objects in their own right with this material. Glass bricks are back and are a great way to create division between spaces while still letting in light.

10. Florals: wild & dry

While dried flowers are a wonderful way to continue enjoying the beauty of summer blooms, they also bring a whole array of earthy colours into the home. Retro floral cushions and textiles in tones of maroon, ochre and mustard are another easy, low-maintenance way to enjoy this wintry floral trend.

11. Surface: transparency

See-through tables can help make a space feel larger, so we’re excited about the resurgence of glass and Perspex surfaces. A Perspex or glass coffee table or even a glass-topped dining table (see this month’s cover story) are some great ways to deploy this trend, or try a clear glass vase or candlestick set for an easy update.

Shop the look side tables, $249 for 2, from Freedom.

12. INSPO: Surf culture

While coastal style has been around for decades, we’re seeing a renewed interest in this look – with a surfer twist. Surf style isn’t just about white walls and surfboard-shaped tables, it’s about living in harmony with nature and striving for a deeper connection to our world. You can achieve this anywhere by decorating with colours that amplify natural light, bringing plenty of plants and natural materials into your interiors, and maximising your home’s connection to the outdoors.

13. Pattern: square space

We’re seeing squares everywhere, from cushions and tea towels in checks and gingham to stacked square tiles (square is the new subway!). When paired with neutral colours and minimal furnishings, grids create a athematical sense of clarity, but when teamed with bright colours and a healthy sense of fun, squares act as a throwback to the Memphis movement of the 1980s.

14. Philosophy: Sustainable style

This one isn’t just a trend – it’s a movement towards a culture of consumption that limits our impact on the planet. While most of us are already looking for ways to reduce our household waste, we’re seeing more Kiwis thinking about how to ensure their homeware purchases are eco-friendly and ethical. Whether it’s shopping secondhand, buying more locally made linens, ceramics and furniture, or simply asking your retailers where they source their materials from, more of us will be motivated by a need for sustainability in our shopping habits.

Words & Styling by: Catherine Wilkinson. Photography by: Michael Rooke, Harrison Burt/

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