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10 ways to get your bed winter-ready

Article by Homes to Love

It’s time to get cosy! We’ve rounded up 10 ways to get your bed winter-ready


1. Layer it up!
Adding layers is the easiest way to create warmth, and achieve a great-looking bed at the same time. Add a throw to the end, fold a nice quilt halfway, or add a waffle-weave blanket on top of your sheets

2. Get some flannelette sheets
Brushed cotton flannelette sheets are super comfy and cosy and will make you feel instantly toasty warm

3. Invest in an electric blanket
There’s no easier way to banish the chill than with an electric blanket set on low before you hop in to bed

4. Get a mattress topper
These provide extra comfort and insulation and stop any drafts from rising up under the bed

5. Transition from light summer colours to dark winter colours
Many people are instinctively attracted to warmer, denser colours in association with the winter season. With this is mind, assess the colour scheme of your bedlinen in consideration with the seasons

6. Find a feather or goose-down duvet
Feathers and goose-down duvets are ideal for the New Zealand climate because they’re soft and light and provide maximum insulation

7. Pile it up with pillows
Two Euro pillows and two-to-four standard pillows is the ideal amount, with the Euros placed behind the standards at the head of the bed. Laying back into this comfiness while you drink a hot cup of tea will be absolute bliss!

8. Add a sheepskin or faux-fur throw
A touch of fluffiness is a one-way ticket to warmth

9. Put a rug down
Make sure your feet don’t land on cold floor by laying down a lovely rug. The rug is best positioned at the foot of the bed, framing the end. Read more rug-placement tips here

10. Consider the ‘undone’ look
A new trend in bedding is leaving the bed looking unmade with layers of colour and texture instead of a full coordinated look

Photo by: Helen Bankers.

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