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How to move and replant plants in winter

Article by Homes to Love

 Is one of your plants too big for its spot in the garden? Does it need more shade? Whatever the reason, now is the time to move it

During the winter months plants are not actively growing, so their metabolism slows down. As a result, if you move a plant there will be a little chance of trauma. Bulbs differ as they are best moved in summer or autumn, when they are dormant.

On a grey day

Choose an overcast day when the sun isn’t beating down. Replanting in the middle of a sunny day will only shock the plant and dry it out. Planting in the middle or before a rainy season is ideal.

Prepare first

Dig the new hole for your plant’s relocation before anything else. If you take your plant out of the ground first and leave it lying around while you dig the hole you’ll risk stressing out the plant due to overhandling. Dig a trench around the drip line. Ensure the hole you dig is large enough to accommodate a decent-sized root ball. Before you move it, prune back any foliage to compensate for root loss during the shifting of the plant.

Feed the soil

Before you insert the plant, work in fertiliser or blood and bone with garden mix into the hole. Then cover with soil so it doesn’t burn the roots. This will help the plant settle into its new home.

In need of support

If the location is windy, ensure you have a stake ready to support the root system until it can anchor itself again. It can take up to 6-12 months for the plant to produce shoots and start growing again in its new location.

Take care

Be careful not to ruin the roots, keep as much of the plant in tact as possible. Take as much of the roots as possible can with the plant. Replant it straight away. When in place, water it well. You can buy products from your garden centre that help reduce shock and assist the roots in their new place.

In good care

Add a layer of mulch and feed around the base of the plant. This will take care of the root zone.

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