The dreamiest bedroom trends for 2022 that you need to know about

Of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom should be the dreamiest and most expressive of your personality. We flesh out 2022’s hottest trends in these soothing spaces that will look great
and leave you feeling even better

Sometimes there’s only one place you can get some peace – the bedroom. It’s a retreat from the chaos of daily life, a space for sleeping, reading a book or recharging.

As work and home life have blended, we’re re-evaluating what we need in our private spaces and want to make every inch count. Now, more than ever, bedrooms should be our places of refuge and representations of our true selves.

Brilliant bedheads
Whether you’re a sleek minimalist or relishing the resurgence of maximalism, a key bedroom feature is the headboard.

Toni Brandso, interior designer and co-founder of Material Creative, says bedheads in the current climate are not for the meek. They’re going larger than life, creating a way for people to express their favourite colour, shape or print.

“We design interiors for boutique hotels, as well as residential homes, and are finding the biggest request from residential clients, is to bring the hotel feeling into their homes, especially bedrooms,” Toni says. “Bring in a feature headboard, not just the classic square or rounded edges; think oversized and bold, free-form and asymmetric, and other interesting shapes.”

The beauty of bedheads is that they bring an extra dimension to the bedroom, transforming a plain wall into a visual statement. Fluted forms or sumptuous curves in a print really pack a punch. Or bring in a simple, serene linen that won’t dominate but gently steps your bedroom up a gear. Not only will this material must-have anchor your relaxation space, it acts as a focal point to draw the eye in and works as a true expression of you.

Keep those curves
Say goodbye to straight lines and sharp angles as sensual, smooth-shaped forms make themselves at home in bedrooms. From the curved corners of bedheads to the inviting contours of a comfortable chair by the window to curl up with a book, repeated curve elements hold court. These have the simplicity and clean lines of an angular chair, but exude the visual warmth of open arms.

Luxurious shapes are easy on the eye and the senses, especially in soothing or spicy colours. They can also make you feel joyful and enhance your daily routine. Curves introduce an organic experience to a space, reminding us of the perfectly imperfect forms found outdoors, be it round pebbles or a winding river. What better feature to have in a room that is your sanctuary?

Remember round forms can go beyond fittings and furniture. A painted archway brings a vibrant element to a rectangular or square room and can be used to define spaces such as the ensuite or walk-in wardrobe from the bedroom. This playful concept sets an optimistic tone amid fluid forms and suggests a return to the raw beauty of nature.

Savvy storage
As more homes are being built smaller in scale, storage adapts to suit, bringing about the rising trend of beds with built-in features. “With the rise of apartment living and people choosing smaller apartments that may be more affordable or in city locations, built-in storage is becoming a more prevalent design feature,” says Alinta Lim, designer at King Living. “Creating storage beds helps meet the ever-changing needs and space requirements of apartment living.”

There is also a move towards incorporating timber shelving with hidden bed storage so you can keep that favourite book and cup of tea easily at hand.

Lessening the amount of furniture will also help with the clutter. “Reducing clutter and creating space transforms the look and feel of a room. A bedroom needs to become a sanctuary for rest, and our surroundings contribute to this,” says Alinta. “Opting for bed designs that offer hidden storage allows you to keep your bedroom looking streamlined and contemporary while solving storage needs at the same time. Storage beds make the most of a large space that would otherwise be unused, which in compact living situations can be essential.”

While some bedroom furniture is still needed to complete your bedroom, Alinta says, bed storage creates a space for items such as seasonal bedding that would generally take up wardrobe or cupboard space. “By freeing up space in other storage areas, you can maximise your space,” she says. “Everyday items like throw cushions can also be tidied away effortlessly, making cleaning easier.”

Tactile fabrics
Layer, layer and layer some more. This is key to bedroom interiors this year, notably in bed linen.

Christie Maartensz, head of homewares from Freedom says the quilting 3D effect is strong with textile interiors, which translates so well to bed linen. “Mix interesting textures, in both solid colours and neutrals, which are soft and tactile to touch,” she says. “Interesting weaving techniques create beautiful multi-layered fabrications. Tonal yarns can accentuate layers of matelasse (quilted fabric) and coverlets for a sophisticated, timeless style.”

Covering your bed in soft textiles that vary in washes, is Christie’s suggestion, the focus being to steer away from the pattern. “Washes are becoming the hero rather than the prints, exposing the beautiful base cloths to allow for an aged stonewash finish,” she says. “What I adore about this trend, is that the more you wash it, the softer it gets.”

The homewares expert says to invest in versatile pieces that can be easily mixed and matched, allowing the natural fabrics to marry well together: “The colours organically become more muted, so they are nice and calming and easy to live with for years to come.”

Playful shapes
Toni says we’re seeing a revival of ’80s and Memphis-style furniture. “Think bedside tables with interesting forms or lucite legs, checked bedspreads, waves juxtaposed with strong angles, and that famous Ettore Sottsass Ultrafragola mirror.”

The pastels and boldness of the ’80s embrace colour and form in a way that fast tracks our optimism. What’s also eye-catching are frilled cushions and you’ll also find these flounces around the edges of duvet covers, reminiscent of Laura Ashley florals. In the ’80s we may have gone overboard with such prints and patterns, but today’s version is more sophisticated and pared back. Add them to your bedroom in a plain fabric or in gingham. Continue this playful squiggle in your decor – think lampshades with a wavy trim or a scalloped bowl to place your jewellery in. There’s something reassuring about the nostalgia these elements bring.

Paint colour
Wall colour, the base for our bedroom decor, is paramount to holding it all together. Colour is food for the soul, nourishing the senses. When you use it on your walls, it does the talking for you, speaking volumes about your sense of style.

This year, warm, spicy browns and pinks are making waves in interiors, pleasingly soothing us. “Warmth is a key thing right now and spicy tones are coming back in softened way,” says Jackie Nicholls, colour consultant at Resene. “Whites are getting warmer and some of those beautiful soft browns are returning, but with more complex cinnamon undertones not like the ’70s browns.

Soft pinks are turning heads, especially those with earthier undertones. “Dusky colours through to the warmer, sunset tones are on-trend. They’re the colours of nature and nestle together easily, unlike the brighter ones, which can be more jarring to tie into place,” says Jackie.

The calm, fresh and serene blue-greens from last year are still popular. As people are spending more time at home, restful colours will create a relaxing mood. Deeper tones will help to create a cocoon-like feeling that is both homey and dramatic, which after all, is the gold standard for bedrooms.

Words by: Catherine Steel.

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