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I’d like to put a plant in my bathroom. What can tolerate little light and steam?

Tropical indoor plants or moisture-loving plants are the best choices for your bathroom. Consider a fern, calathea, monstera, orchid, philodendron or air plants.

How do I prevent my pond from being a mosquito breeding ground?

Mosquitos prefer stagnant water, so adding in a good quality filter will help. Fish and ducks will eat larvae in the water if you have a large enough pond; otherwise, if you don’t have animals around your pond, use Easytrap Mozzie Dunks.

Are coffee grounds really good for plants?

There has been a significant amount of research done on the effectiveness of coffee grounds in the garden. Coffee grounds are best added to your home compost (10-20 percent should only be added), and once broken down, can be added to your soil before planting into. The pH levels can also differ, as not all grounds will be acidic.

What’s the easiest way to treat powdery mildew?

This fungal disease happens in gardens with high humidity and plants being too close to together. Treat powdery mildew with organic sulphur, which can be used on edibles.

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