Eleanor Ozich shares her 10 ideas for beautiful storage

Take control of the chaos and prepare to get sorted

Having a minimal and tidy home creates more space, which evokes a feeling of freedom, peace, and intentionality. For this reason, I subscribe to the belief that everything in your home can be beautiful while also serving a purpose. This also includes creative storage options to keep your house tidy.

We all know that clutter, whether hidden or on display for all to see, can cause a feeling of chaos. That’s why I’m sharing 10 simple and visually appealing tips to help unleash your home’s true storage potential.

1. Begin with a drop zone
Consider the entry zone in your home, and where the majority of your clutter tends to accumulate. For me, this is the kitchen, which is why I have a dedicated pegboard for things such as bags, keys, pet leashes and hats to keep it hanging in one place.

The drop zone is different for every house, which is why you might like to consider a shoe rack, pegs, or a few hooks to hold all your odds and ends in one area. Even a simple wooden tray for keys and the like can make a big difference.

2. Think seasonally
Consider all the items you no longer require for the upcoming season, for example, winter coats and boots in summer or snorkelling gear in winter. What’s the point in having oversized, bulky items around that won’t be put to use for an extended amount of time? Gather all the things you won’t be using for the next six months, then place them in a large plastic container and stow them away in the garage or the attic.

3. Areas for shelving
Most don’t realise that the least-used space in your home is prime real estate for shelving. For example, the perimeter just below your ceiling is a fantastic, out-of-the-way shelving area that can add an abundance of storage space, as does the space around your door frames. Get a carpenter in to build you some bespoke shelves, or better yet, build them yourself.

4. Hide your wire clutter
There’s nothing that frustrates me more than unsightly wires and cables all over the place, but some small tricks can help you be on your decluttered way. Firstly, always place your couch or a large piece of furniture in front of electrical outlets, then plug everything, from lamps to fans to laptops, in these areas. You can then use cable ties, tape, or pegs to trace the wires around the furniture’s silhouette, ensuring they are out of sight.

For phone and laptop cables, use bulldog clips attached to the edge of your desk, which you can then loop your chargers into to keep them all lined up in one neat space. This also saves you from having to bend down underneath your desk to fish them out when you need them.

5. Under the bed
Whenever I have friends around, they can never understand where I hide the majority of all my kids’ paraphernalia. The answer is under their beds, of course. If squeezed for space in small bedrooms, utilising this area is golden.

I have two extra-large built-in drawers under the beds. However, you can also use plastic containers on wheels or matching baskets. Opt for containers or baskets with lids so the stored items don’t get dusty.

6. The joy of baskets
For most miscellaneous things in my home, such as wetsuits, toys, bathroom products and toilet paper, I opt for various sizes of baskets and woven bags to keep things tidied up prettily. I consider myself a minimalist, but will happily break this rule regarding baskets. Thrift stores and homeware stores offer many options.

7. Utilise the back of doors
This one might sound obvious, but I’m sure that most overlook this organisational hack in most rooms outside the bathroom. Every door in your house can provide brilliant storage space in the way of hooks and clever rack systems. This idea especially applies to bulky items such as dressing gowns, winter jackets, and hats.

8. Beautify your folding
Is your laundry cupboard looking messy? Perhaps you’re bored of the way it looks and desire a little more space and order to your linens? Taking an extra moment to fold your linens and towels in a tidy fashion will not only make your storage area roomier, everything will be easier to find. I usually do an overhaul every few months and the extra effort is always worth it! Search ‘linen folding techniques’ on Google if you need some inspiration.

9. For all the little things
A glass jar makes a practical storage option for all the small, messy things in your home. Whether it’s colouring pencils or that half-used box of washing powder, displaying your everyday needs in a glass jar is an easy way to keep knick-knacks and loose ends out of the way. Glass jars are, of course, great in your kitchen pantry, too.

10. Declutter box
Lastly, the key to keeping your home spick and span is to minimise the things you no longer need. Do you struggle with letting go of stuff you no longer want? Start a declutter box to store the things you’re not sure about giving away. After a few weeks, peek inside the box and consider whether you feel good about donating or getting rid of the items. Put the box in a high-traffic area so you won’t forget about it.

Top finds this month

I love the classic design of these peg hooks from Father rabbit. Crafted from pine wood with a satin paint finish, you have the option of forest green or dark grey.

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Made from raw paper pulp, these stackable boxes make a wonderful lightweight storage option. I love them for kids’ toys and miscellaneous papers.

Words and photography by: Eleanor Ozich.

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