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4 creative ways to use clipboards to add style to your home

Whether you’re going for practical or purely stylish, these clever and cost-effective ways to use clipboards will make your home look good

1. Art display

If you like to change your art prints on a regular basis or are looking for a new, or affordable, way to display them, consider using a series of clipboards rather than picture frames. The natural-coloured clipboards we used here cost $2 each from Look Sharp. Simply clip your A4 print to the board and hang. Simple yet effective!

2. Monthly calendar 

Create a calendar by using a clipboard to display a sheet for each month. Either draw or design your own monthly sheets or download calendar pages available from online sites such as Pinterest. Print out, pop on a clipboard and place in the office or kitchen.

3. Recipe stand

Some recipe stands can be expensive but this one costs just a few dollars. Remove the back piece (which includes the stand) from an old photograph frame (or a cheap new one). Glue this piece to the back of a clipboard using craft glue. Leave overnight to dry then open up the stand and pop in your recipe for easy reading while cooking.

4. Shopping list 

If you are a list person then you’ll love this cute idea using a mini clipboard. Simply cut some paper to the right size and clip to the board. Keep the list on the bench and add items as they occur to you. When you’re ready to go shopping, simply unclip the list and take it with you.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins.

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