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How to transform a piece of fabric into a piece of art

Can’t find the right artwork for your home? Choose a stunning textile instead and showcase it for all to admire. Here’s a step by step on how to do it

DIY fabric artwork

You will need

  • Art canvases
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Picture hooks or hanging strips

DIY fabric artwork


1. Buy the canvas(es) first as this will determine how much fabric to get. You could buy 1 large or 3 smaller ones, depending on your space.

2. Buy fabric, allowing 8-10cm extra on each side so you can staple it to the back of the frame. (You may need even more if the pattern repeat is quite big and you want to capture a certain part of the design in the centre of the canvas.)

3. Lay your chosen textile flat, right side down. Place art canvas, front side down, on top, in the centre.

4. Taking 1 side at a time, staple-gun the fabric to the back of the canvas frame, pulling firmly but evenly to avoid creases.

5. Attach picture hooks or hanging strips to the back and hang on the wall.

Words by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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