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4 easy home decor projects using wool pom poms

Wool pom poms are a fun way to add a bouncy flourish to your home decor. Here are four simple projects you can do at home


4 easy home decor projects using wool pom poms

To make pom poms like these, buy thick, chunky wool. Then simply wind it around the palm of your hand. The more times you wind it, the fatter the pom pom will be – we suggest 30-35 times. Slide the wool off your hand and lie it on a flat surface.

Cut a small length of wool and tie it tightly around the middle so you end up with a big loop at each end. Secure with a knot, then cut the loops. Fluff out the pom pom and trim off any straggly ends. Have a look online at a video tutorial for some more ideas and tips.

1. Pom pom cushions

If you have some plain cushions in your home and want a bit of a change, consider adding a nice big pom pom to the front or on each of the corners. Simply attach the pom poms to your cushion with a needle and thread.


2. Pom pom artwork

+ You will need 3 balls of wool (to make about 29 pom poms) and an A3 piece of foam board.
+ Cut your foam board into a circle about 45cm in diameter.
+ Using clear craft glue, stick each pom pom to the foam board in your preferred pattern.
+ Leave to dry overnight.
+ Hang artwork using 3M picture strips.


3. Pom pom blanket

Give a tired blanket a stylish update by stitching some chunky pom poms to the edges and/or corners with a needle and thread.


4. Pom pom basket

Add some texture and fun to your child’s room with the addition of chunky pom poms to some storage baskets. Fabric or rope textures work well with the softness of pom poms.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Rebekah Robinson.

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