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4 incredibly chic Christmas decoration projects with wooden beads

Put down the tinsel and give your Christmas a pared-back Scandinavian feel with these four easy projects using wooden beads



Create a beaded garland that can be displayed all year round. We used close to 100 beads plus a 3m length of fine cord. Before you start, lay out the beads in a design of your choosing, then tie a loop at one end of your cord and thread on the beads. Once all beads are threaded, tie a loop at the other end and hang garland on the tree, the wall or from small hooks on your mantelpiece.


To make a beaded wreath take a 25cm galvanised metal ring (ours was from Spotlight) and cut the join so you can bend it open. Thread beads onto ring in a pattern of your choice; ours was 1 big bead then 3 small (37 beads in total).


Once the ring is full, bind the metal ends together with sticky tape – we wrapped it around about 5 times for a strong join. Take a length of wide ribbon about 75cm long, tie it over the join to disguise it, tie the loose ends together and hang.

Tree decoration 

Take a length of thin cord, ribbon or twine about 30cm long and fold it in half. Tie a double knot 3-5cm down from the looped end.


Thread beads over both ends of string and tie another double knot under the last bead to secure. Hang decorations from branches in a vase or add them to your tree.

Napkin ring 

Thread 10 beads onto some craft wire. Fasten the wire by twisting the ends together. Poke wire ends back through the nearest bead to hide the join for a nice finish.


Pop your new napkin ring over a napkin.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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