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How to DIY a sweet rainbow wall hanging with rope

This rainbow wall hanging makes a cute addition to a child’s bedroom – just pick your favourite colours

You will need

  • 3.15m rope or thick cord (about 1cm in diameter)
  • Scissors
  • 12 skeins embroidery thread in 6 colours (2 of each colour)
  • Darning needle
  • Cotton


Step 1 Cut a 15cm length of rope and set aside – this will be the hanger. Divide the remaining rope into 6 x 50cm lengths.

Step 2 On a flat surface, make a rainbow shape by stacking the 6 pieces one above the other. Trim so ends are level with each other.

Step 3 Decide the order of your colours from the outer to the inner rope of the rainbow.

Step 4 Starting 5cm in from the end of 1 piece of rope, tie on the embroidery thread in your chosen colour with a knot. Then wind it along the length of the rope, stopping 5cm before the end. Finish with a knot. You may need to tie off and start with a new skein in the same colour if you run out.

Step 5 Repeat step 4, using a different colour for each of the 5 remaining ropes of the rainbow. Fray the exposed ends of each piece by gently loosening the fibres with your fingers or a needle.

Step 6 Take the 15cm piece of rope and wrap thread around it in one of the 6 colours. You do not need to leave any space at the ends.

Step 7 Lay out your finished coloured ropes in the rainbow shape. Thread a darning needle with cotton and sew the pieces together. A tacking stitch is suitable for this as you will display the finished rainbow with the stitched side against the wall.

Step 8 Take the 15cm piece of rope and stitch it to the back of the rainbow in a loop then hang your handiwork on the wall.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Mel Jenkins.

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