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How to create an arrangement in a round vase

Article by Homes to Love

Florist Eden Hessel arranges some of the most beautiful pink flowers teamed with green foliage in a short, round vase

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How to create an arrangement in a round vase

You will need:

  • Foliage: magnolia grandiflora
  • Foliage: eucalyptus
  • Flowers: nerines
  • Flowers: hydrangeas
  • Flowers: Colombian roses – Pink Floyd
  • Flowers: dahlias
  • Flowers: cymbidium orchids


  1. Trim all foliage and flowers, cutting stems on an angle
  2. Fill vase with water
  3. Begin placing stems in the vase, starting with magnolia.
  4. Place the eucalyptus in the vase, weaving it through the magnolia.
  5. Add the orchids to the centre, then the hydrangeas
  6. Now add the Colombian roses, the dahlias and the nerines

Eden’s top tips for this floral arrangement

  1. Start with the bigger flowers first and dainty flowers last
  2. A little bit of grouping is good!
  3. Create different levels and heights by trimming the stems to different lengths
  4. A rose placed low in the centre anchors the arrangement
  5. Eucalyptus softens the edges of the arrangement
  6. The magnolia acts as a base to stop the flowers from clumping together

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