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How to make a floral crown

Article by Homes to Love

Nothing says summer like a beautiful floral crown. Perfect for party attire, weddings or a festival, a floral crown is pretty and whimsical. Superstar florist Eden Hessell shows us how to make one


You will need

  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Greenery such as ruscus Milano and ivy
  • Flowers of your choice


How to make it

  • Measure the person’s head with string or florist’s wire, this will determine how long the base will be. Form the string or wire into a circle and tape or wire it shut.
  • The next step is adding greenery to this bare circle to create a green base. The base can be anything that’s flexible – birch, bendy twigs. For this crown Eden used ruscus Milano and ivy. Wrap greenery around the circle, holding it together at several points by wrapping wire around the greenery.


  • Cover the wire and joins with florist’s tape to double seal it and stop the wire from digging into your head. The greenery may need trimming back so it isn’t “too frou frou, but that’s up to preference”, says Eden.


  • Now it’s time to add flowers. Flowers can be any type that will last in the heat. Eden recommends foliage, roses, Baby’s Breath, hardy flowers, succulent-type flowers, berries, dried hydrangea, anything that’s woody and hardy.


  • Peel or cut flowers off the stem, so you have the individual heads. Start by placing the biggest flower onto the base crown and taping it near the top of the stem by wrapping tape around the stem. Bind the stem as much as you need (wrapping it as many as four or five times around the base) with florist’s tape to make sure it’s secure. Chop the stem back. Overlap this taped section/flower with your next flower.


  • To ensure great coverage, group little posies of flowers and tape them to the base. Tape the next little posy over the taped area of the previous posy – this is for a chunky garland like the one pictured. “It’s going to get quite bulky but keep it in a straight line and make sure everything is compact by taping the flower right up the top where the head starts,” says Eden.


  • This will take a florist 20 minutes – 30 minutes. For a beginner this will take a bit longer. Experiment with flowers and the amount of flowers. There is no wrong way to make a crown.


3 hot tips!

  1. Make a half crown by grouping one large section of big flowers on the side.
  2. If you’re using smaller flowers it’s going to take longer.
  3. Keep your crown in the chiller to keep it looking fresh for longer, or until you need to wear it.

Instructions by: Eden Hessell at The Botanist. Photos by: Bauer Media Photo Studio.


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